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Below is a list of all the websites featured in the 'Wellinever' collection. Click on a link to visit a project website.

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  Community Heritage  This site is aimed at local history societies, community groups and individuals with an interest in the heritage of County Durham. It aims to be informative and provide the opportunity for people to keep up to date with heritage events and activities, to encourage participation in, and greater understanding of local cultural heritage. 
  Discovering Bewick  The Discovering Bewick project aims to make accessible works by the eighteenth century wood-engraver Thomas Bewick which are held in collections at the Laing Art Gallery and City Library (Pease Collection) in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. 
  Durham Miner Project  The Durham Miner Project operated throughout County Durham and part of Sunderland during 2003 and early 2004. It involved groups of local people, supported by a team, researching their local mining history.

Research projects are available in the research projects section of our website. The material has been added to preserve our local heritage for generations to come.  
  Durham: Echoes of Power  After the Norman Conquest, the Palatinate of Durham, was ruled by prince bishops exercising almost royal prerogatives. At the end of the middle ages, their actual power waned but Durham's prestige remained undimmed. Much of their rich architectural legacy survived to be recorded by artists and antiquarians in succeeding centuries. 
  Fishing Learning Journeys  The sea has always played an important part in many aspects of north-eastern life and fish has always been an important source of food. During the Mesolithic and Neolithic periods (about 5-10,000 years ago), the coast and the rivers were used by early people as an important source of food. 
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If you have any questions for the wellinever team, please e-mail support@wellinever.info. If you are the owner of one of the sites in our collection and would like to make an alteration to the wellinever description of your site, please use the same address.
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